We Choose Love

I am freely giving away T-shirts, reading:

‘LOVE is my new normal’ ...and, on the back: ‘Choose Love’.

The Mission

Hello, infinite Being!

I am Glad you made it here! It means that you are connecting with the power of LOVE!

You’re probably here because you have a shirt, or met someone with one.

You might be wondering what “the deal” is with these shirts.

Well, the short version is, if you spot me walking around Vancouver with the shirt and comment on it - I’ll give you one. You’re likely to get a hug , and then ask you to pass along the love.

That’s it.

I started doing that somewhere at the end of 2020. It took off, and there’s quite a few people walking around in love shirts.

This shirt is more than just a powerful message. It’s not just the super soft organic cotton, or the fact that the women who make these are treated humanely… or even the fact that the shirts are given away… It’s ALL of it put together!

Most people say they can really FEEL the love.

I truly hope you adore your shirt as much as I bliss out on giving them away! I know that you will actually FEEL the love when you put this shirt on. You may be surprised 😉

I want you to know that YOU are loved by our creator. Know that you are protected! Know that the creator wants for you exactly what you want for yourself.

You are a divine being, and no matter how crazy it gets down here - know too that your DESTINY is the discovery of your true nature. And so, your happiness is assured.

I sincerely wish you infinite blessings on this great journey. May you attain peace, fulfillment, and liberation in this life…

(You might consider talking to the love bot… he’s very wise for a bot!)

May all beings be blessed. May all beings be happy…

Your friend… Alex.

About the Shirts...

People have asked -
"Why do the shirts feel so amazing, to touch?"

The secret might lie with the fact that all of the women who make the shirts in India have been rescued from being forced to find work in the sex trade, by being offered this garment manufacturing work instead. In the words of our manufacturing partner, Freeset:

"Freeset exists for the many women who have never had the choice to be free. We care about the thousands in West Bengal, India who are vulnerable to sex trafficking. These women don’t get to choose their occupation, and we want to change that. 
Your purchase helps us provide more than 250 women with a fair wage."

So: made with Love, and representing Love in every shirt.

Time to Get Yours?

You'll have to talk to the LOVE BOT!

The Longer Story

Hello Beautiful Being! My name is Alexander, but my friends call me Sasha.

Probably a lot like you, I’ve had an eventful life, with many challenges. I had a lot of Trauma to heal from my childhood - that journey began when I was 17.

My Spiritual journey started after my first awakening when I was 30. I was a hard core truth seeker since then, going all around the world meeting enlightened masters, working with mystical plants, praying, chanting, meditating, reading, and a whole lot more.

I’ve had some massive healings and awakenings. Eventually all the ideas of who and what I thought I was starting peeling away, layer by layer.

By The grace of God, at around the end of my 3rd decade, I realized my true nature. Turns out, what so many illuminated beings had pointed to since the beginning of history were right! Beneath all the self-doubt, confusion, and trauma, there was just unconditional love.

It was there all along! All I had to do was clear everything else away! I was finally free. Free to be me. Free to love. Free to help other beings on their journey.

Around Christmas of 2020, the universe said to me: “Hey buddy. You need to spread this message! You’re going to make shirts that say “LOVE IS MY NEW NoRMAL!” You’re going to give them to anyone who resonates with the message, so that they too can choose love.

I thought “Who am I to argue with the universe?” I went about and found the most ethical clothing company I could find. Real Organic Cotton. Real People being paid well. No Chemicals! And I got to work.

Initially I asked for donations to cover the cost of the shirts. But, I quickly realized that even suggesting a donation changed the energy of it. After one woman cried upon receiving a free shirt… It truly hit me how powerful the act of UNCONDITIONAL giving really was. There was something really magical going on here!

Partly, it was a great message on the shirt. Partly, it was that the shirt was made in the most ethical way. And partly, because I was giving the shirts away with no strings attached. It was a true act of love, and people could *feel* it!

So, here in Vancouver, I’ve been giving them out to anyone who resonates with the message. So far, the reactions have been AMAZING! I figured I had to make the shirt available to people all around the world. So…. Here we go!

April 2022 Update:

In my excitement to spread the love, I was sending free shirts to beautiful souls all over north America and Europe. This month I realized that the real magic behind this message is the interaction /exchange of love that happens in person.

When someone comments on my shirt, and then I tell them I’ve got a shirt for them I want them to have as a gift, that’s the magic. When people realize they are the recipients of an unconditional ACT OF LOVE… it truly is a beautiful moment. It’s something that really must be experienced in real life - not over the inter-webs. This project was always meant to be an IN‑PERSON act of love. And so, I have decided to stop the shipping these shirts globally.

If you would like one, you’ll just have to catch me in person.

You can follow me on instagram (http://www.instagram.com/alexthecomic) to find out where my stand-up comedy shows are, and I highly recommend joining the Project Love Newsletter on ProjectLove.ca (http://projectlove.ca/) to find out about other events I’ll be doing!

If I decide to offer these shirts for sale, and I have your email, I’ll let you know - so stay connected!

For those beings who’ve already managed to manifest a shirt: I hope the shirt brings you much joy, and that it helps find your soul/love tribe. They’re out there. And they will be attracted to the LOVE that you are!

Remember, the more you project love, the more love you will attract into your life.

I usually livestream Sundays mornings pacific time, details are over on www.ProjectLove.ca.