Donate & Support the Mission

YOU can help us spread Love worldwide!

Well, the more important thing you can do is CHOOSE LOVE in every moment. Obviously! 😛

If you love spreading the love - and are interested in healing/raising your vibration/becoming the highest version of yourself, check out as we are live-streaming there on Sundays 11.11AM Pacific time.

If you are in CANADA and someone asks you about the shirts, you can let ‘em know they should follow (or @alexthecomic on instagram) to find out where he’ll be next. Alex is always giving away love shirts for free!

If you *really* love your shirt, contact us about becoming a love ambassador for your city. We might be able to arrange a larger shipment of shirts for you.


Sasha spent quite a sum making 5000 of these organic love shirts. The shirt is a gift, and if you ever find him walking around, he will always give you a free shirt.

Our challenge is that the online cost for shipping these shirts from a Canada warehouse to you, is considerable. If you can donate to cover that cost, that will help us keep spreading the love! It’s about $16USD to deliver 2 shirts - entirely going to the warehouse and shipping companies.

Any donations that come in will allow us to keep shipping shirts to beautiful souls just like you. Once the 5000 shirts run out - then we’ll see what happens next!

Ours is a non-profit operation. The shirts were paid for up front, and we are just trying to cover the shipping costs. Anything over that amount will only go into making more shirts to give away!

  • If you'd like to donate with fiat money (regular money), you can donate here through PayPal.
  • If you'd like to donate with Interac, donate to .
  • If you'd like to donate with Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can donate here:
    • BTC: 3D6eoAV2NGWF8sUucyeRw8s9P8ZGHkPHGe
    • ETH: 0xBaBD0fD46A86E4CE12b73460de8b8682Eb6f4686


If you love the project and want to Volunteer your Time, or Your Skills to spread the love - feel free to scroll down and click the the Contact Us link at the bottom to send us a message.

We Love You.