Support the Mission

YOU can help us spread Love worldwide!

Here's four ways you can help us:

(0. Get a Free Shirt and Wear it All the Time - and tell your friends!)

You are the revolution.  Wear your love shirt loud and proud, tell your friends about it, tell them to request a free shirt too, and organically spread the word of love.

1. Help us Give Away these shirts for Free

You can join our mission!  Here on this page, you can acquire our shirts at cost price, just like we do, so you can give them away to your friends.

By doing this, you're truly part of the team, and part of the Love Revolution

2. Money over time?  Do it with Cash - Pay for others' Shirts

Each shirt currently costs about sixteen bucks.  We're non-profit, so we're just paying this ourselves because we love people so much.

We accept donations to amplify our effort.

Every dollar we take in donations directly means more of these shirts delivered out into the world - simple as that.  We're fully non-profit and acquiring the shirts we distribute is 96%+ of all our expenses (the rest is basically just our website maintenance).  Even the staff are volunteers.

If you'd like to donate with fiat money (regular money), you can donate here through PayPal.

If you'd like to donate with crypto coins, you can donate here:

    • BTC: bc1qld7y5fzhuqalgpxd3u4zf5hr2tzw9ywgfx7wyq
    • ETH: 0x6F1391Efb1e0b4E6839C2994B37B035B2a6dE2F4
    • XMR: 45ErW2guFCu5xG8ACrXfFkMhZWxWvPYppM8MgQvmSprhjLKATP9ktxVNLjy33UWQCpNVFNvdiGTG8F4yfakv1kqA5WCpRB4

3. Volunteer your Time, or Skills

So, you have some time, or a useful skill, and you wanna help us spread love worldwide?   That's great! Scroll down and click the the Contact Us link at the bottom to send us a message.